Monday 5 November 2012

LJC Open Conference 2012

On November 24th 2012, the LJC will be hosting it's annual open conference at IBM South Bank, Waterloo.  If you have attended this event before you do not need to read any further, go and sign up now :) if you have not been attended an LJC Open Conference before, it's awesome! The day is scheduled as an unconference whereby sessions can be suggested in advance, but the timetable is created on the morning of the conference. We also have refreshments throughout the day, food, beer plus giveaways all paid for by our sponsors (tba soon). Here's a rough schedule of the day:

8.30 am Sign-in hands over to security
9.30 am Brief introduction, discussing how day will work and organising the board
10.10 am Conference Keynote
Open conference Sessions
12.40 Lunch
Open conference Sessions
5.30 pm Conference wrap up
5.30 pm+ Social event TBC

Sessions typcally include a wide range of topics, not just specifics of the Java language, Spring, Hibernate, Open Source, OSGi, etc, but also about tools and practices - eg. software craftsmanship, BDD, TDD, Kanban, Agile and other practices that enhance our world.
So a one day Java conference in London... Should cost quite a bit right? WRONG! £20 is all we ask per person, bargain.  Oh, there are only 120 places and 50 have already gone... Sign up now and avoid disappointment!

Looking forward to meeting you/seeing you there!

Simon -- LJC Open Conference co-organiser.

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